types of windowsThe windows in your home don’t just offer a view. In fact, they have several very important jobs, including protecting you and your family and insulating your home to keep the interior climate controlled. In addition, the types of windows installed in your home play a huge role in creating a certain kind of atmosphere and aesthetic image for both the exterior and interior of your home.

For instance, older tudor-style homes might require new windows that can insulate the home better, but that still match the overlook look of the house. Likewise, new construction often demands modern-looking window panels and glass doors.

These are just some of the reasons why homeowners choose to replace or upgrade windows as they age. The wrong windows can drive up noise pollution within your home, cause your energy bill to spike, or create a dated and shabby vibe. Windows older than 15 years can be sticky and cause bad drafts.

For both people moving into their new homes and trying to sell their old homes, it is very important to have beautiful and functional windows. Making sure that pictures of your home look amazing is integral to a sale. Fortunately, there are some things homeowners can do to counter the negative effects of old or ill-fitting windows. Even something simple, like putting up light color shades, which can reduce a window’s solar heat gain by as much as 43%, can have a big impact. Still, it is hardly comparable to the benefits of new window installation.

But what types of windows would work best for your home? If you’re looking to upgrade or replace the exterior elements of your home, here are three of the most popular choices among our Grand Rapids customers.

  • Double-Hung Windows: These windows have two shades which slide vertically up and down the frame, meaning they can open from either top or bottom. These windows do not protrude into either the exterior or interior of the house. That makes double-hung windows ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Casement Windows: These are hinged windows that open by the turn of a crank in an operating mechanism, and can be hinged on the left or the right to open outward. If you usually keep your windows closed but still want the option of letting in a breeze, this might be the best solution.
  • Transom Windows: This is a narrow window that is often mounted above another door or window in order to let in more light. For entryways, transom windows can be customized to create an eye-catching design.
  • Stationary Windows: These windows don’t open, but can be customized to any angle or shape, and are often found in modern homes in conjunction with operating windows. For homeowners who like a lot of natural sunlight, stationary windows are a popular addition to any home renovation project.

Finding the window replacements that are perfect for you and your home will only lead to more comfort and security. If you’re a homeowner in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area looking for new types of windows, then discover why architects and designers come to Pella West Michigan for all their windows and doors. To get ideas for your next project, start browsing our modern windows options.