No two window and door warranties are the same. While there are similarities from company to company, coverage levels vary depending on the product and material type you choose.

See why all warranties are not created equal.

To make sure you’re ready if an unexpected issue arises, ask the window company these 5 questions:

  1. How long is your warranty period? What parts are covered? Every window has a unique warranty period – even products built by the same company. For example, vinyl windows may feature a limited lifetime warranty, whereas wood windows may offer coverage for up to 10 years on non-glass parts. Glass is usually covered for up to 20 years.
  2. Do you have an installation warranty? Remember – even the best-performing window is only as good as its installation. A reputable window replacement company will stand behind their work, not just their products, for years to come. For example, a company may cover defined installation-related issues for up to 10 years. In these instances, it’s typical to offer free coverage for labor, product and installation-related issues for the first two years, then charge a nominal service fee (usually around $75 per product) for the remainder of the warranty period if a service visit is needed.
  3. Does the installation warranty protection cost extra or does it come standard with my project? Choose a replacement partner that offers warranty coverage as a value-added benefit that comes standard.
  4. If I install the products myself, does the warranty still apply? In most cases, yes – the warranty on your products should still apply as long as you install them according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. However, there is no installation warranty if you install yourself.
  5. Is the warranty transferable if I sell my home? Some companies will allow you to transfer the warranty to the new homeowner, with little or no paperwork to complete. It’s a great way to provide additional value when selling your home.