How to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Home

Living in Michigan means dealing with any (and every) type of weather. Rain, sunshine, snow, tornadoes. Anything can happen at a moment’s notice. With such unpredictable weather, you need to know how to keep your home safe from any damage. Here are a few tips: Trim any branches around your home Look at the trees […]

Featured Wooden Window Grilles

Grilles can provide and add to a home’s architectural style. They also give the look of individual windowpanes without the extra cost of multiple windows installed. Different types offered by Pella of West Michigan will provide different looks and functions based on material and design. To find your home’s best match for window and door grilles, […]

4 Types of Windows You Might Want in Your New Home or Renovation

The windows in your home don’t just offer a view. In fact, they have several very important jobs, including protecting your family and insulating your home to keep the interior climate controlled. In addition, the types of windows installed in your home play a huge role in creating a certain kind of atmosphere and aesthetic […]

New Report Finds Home Remodeling Market Growth

As a provider new entry doors and window installations, it’s always good to see the world of home remodeling doing well. More important than our bottom-line, though, is the fact that a healthy home remodeling market generally means a strong economy. After all, who’s going to spend money on such things if they’re just struggling […]

What to Do Before You Begin New/Replacement Window Installation

Investing in new entry doors, replacement windows, or brand new window installation can be a fun and exciting process. It also takes some time and proper coordination. Unless you’re just looking to make a quick window replacement for a broken, leaky, or faulty unit, new window installation isn’t something you necessarily want to decide “on the […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows This Spring

Spring is here, and for many homeowners, that means that it’s time to replace your windows. While this is something that you can certainly do any time of year, spring is an ideal season to take care of this extremely important maintenance home improvement project. Not only will it benefit the health of your family, […]