Grilles for house windows provide and add to a home’s architectural style. They also give the look of individual windowpanes without the extra cost of multiple windows installed. Different grille types offered by Pella West Michigan will provide different looks and functions based on material and design. To find your home’s best match for window and door grilles, take a look at some featured varieties below:


With integral light technology grilles, there are permanently bonded grilles attached to the inside of the window glass. A special non-glare foam spacer is placed in between the grilles casts a realistic shadow. This shadow effect give the look of individual windowpanes. Our Integral Light Technology grilles create the most authentic look of all for true-divided-light windows. ILT grilles are suggested by Pella for securing the traditional or historic design of your home. Interior finishes offered for the grilles are unfinished, prefinished stain or paint, and primed. On the exterior, finishes for the ILT grilles are offered in matching cladding color, natural Mahogany, and primed Pine.


With simulated-divided-light grilles, the wooden grilles are permanently bonded to both the inside and outside of the window’s glass. There is no spacer applied between these grilles. If you are aiming for a more traditional home look with divided-light windowpanes, the simulated-divided-light grilles will be a perfect addition to your windows. Interior finishes for the grilles include unfinished, prefinished stain or paint, and primed. The exterior will match the cladding color.


If having the realistic look of individual windowpanes isn’t a necessity for you, a great alternative grille option would be the roomside grille. The removable roomside wood grille is attached to the interior side of your windows with a latching system to hold in place. These removable grilles are great for ease of glass window cleaning. If you prefer wooden grilles but still want the easy access to the windowpane for cleaning purposes, the removable roomside grilles may be the best option for your home. Interior finish options include unfinished, prefinished stain or paint, and primed. The exterior will be finished to match the exterior cladding color.


As an option for both wood and aluminum grilles, placing either between two separate windowpanes creates the look of the multiple windowpanes with divided light. Permanently sealing the grilles between two panes of insulating glass will still allow easy access to both the in and outside windows of the home. This makes cleaning even more simple and accessible than the removable wooden grilles featured above. There are seven color options to choose from with the interior finish, and the exterior finish will match the select exterior cladding colors.


View the grille patterns available by Pella West Michigan to see which options would fit your home architectural style the best. If you are interested in adding wooden grilles to your home windows or doors in the West Michigan area, sign up for a free consultation with a Pella window expert. 



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