window installation companyAs a provider new entry doors and window installations, it’s always good to see the world of home remodeling doing well. More important than our bottom-line, though, is the fact that a healthy home remodeling market generally means a strong economy. After all, who’s going to spend money on such things if they’re just struggling to put bread on the table?

A new report from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies has found that home remodeling appears to be headed in a good direction in 2016. According to NBC, the report estimates that homeowners are expected to spend nearly $325 billion dollars on remodeling and repairs this year. Whether that’s on new patio doors or with a window installation company, it signals good news for our industry and the economy overall.

Home remodeling is the kind of industry that you really need to “spend money in order to make money.” What you pay for today can have a great return on investment (ROI) down the road when you go to list or sell a house. For example, a new steel front entry door has a national median cost of $2,000 installed, and can recover 75% of that cost at resale, according to the “2015 Remodeling Impact Report.” Similarly, a fiberglass entry door replacement yields an 82.3% return on investment, according to the 2016 Cost VS Value report.

At Pella of West Michigan, investing in products and service from our window installation company will give you more than just long-term returns, though. It also can have a direct impact on your monthly finances. By replacing old, leaky windows and doors a homeowner can significantly reduce the money they spend on their average energy bill. Recent estimates from the U.S. Department of Energy say this can lead to 25% in savings in many cases.

In addition to the increased efficiency, investing in things like new windows and doors will improve your home’s security too. Not only can this affect resale value, but it can also play a very real and important part in protecting your home and the contents inside every day.

Join the many other people who will be upgrading their homes and invest in the home remodeling you need today.