Living in Michigan means dealing with any (and every) type of weather. Rain, sunshine, snow, tornadoes. Anything can happen at a moment’s notice. With such unpredictable weather, you need to know how to keep your home safe from any damage.

Here are a few tips:

Trim any branches around your home

Look at the trees around your house. Are there any branches that look like they’re about to fall? Inclement weather/wind and branches are a bad combination. You don’t want any branches crashing into your windows and causing unwanted damage. Take a day to trim branches, because it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Make sure water flows away

No one wants a flooded yard. No one wants a flooded basement. By checking that the waterspouts and gutters on your house are pointed away from your home, you can avoid an unnecessary natural disaster in your home.


Move outdoor equipment indoors

The umbrella over the patio table looks nice in the sun. Now imagine a little rain and wind picking it up, causing it to fly into your home. This prevention tip seems self-explanatory, but we often forget about outdoor equipment. Do your house—and your umbrella—a favor and put the outdoor furniture into a shed or garage.

Consider a backup generator

Storms can do significant damage to the exterior of your home, but they can also do plenty of interior damage if they’re strong enough—including knocking the power out. Losing power in your home can affect the temperature, your visibility, and any perishable items in the fridge or freezer. A backup generator can keep your power up and running, if used properly.

Secure your doors and windows

Again, this tip might seem a bit self-explanatory. However, taking a lap around your home and ensuring that every door and window is shut and locked before a storm is necessary. Keep the elements outside where they belong. If you realize yours are in bad shape, give Pella of West Michigan a call.