At Pella Windows and Doors by Horne we are committed to supporting and growing the local construction industry as we all live and work in Michigan. One way to perpetuate this growth is to look at the next generation of builders and construction-minded people. These are the students currently thinking about going into the construction industry and looking to further explore what the industry might hold for them.

To allow and encourage these students to engage in their passion, we are sharing the Grand Rapids HBA’s 15 person scholarship opportunity with you! The CWDA has funded a scholarship for 15 students to attend the new Construction Core certificate program at GRCC. The program is for 18-24 year old high school grads and is a three week program starting on June 9th.

The HBA, who we partner with, is one of three associations that make up the CWDA – Construction Workforce Development Alliance. They are currently accepting applications until May 16th so help spread the word and support the next generation of the construction workforce! For more information, you can visit the HBA website.

Help spread the word!