Having an idea of what you want your window or door to look like is a great place to start in the building process. However, what can help make your idea come to life is an actual image of the window or door you plan to build. Pella offers a design tool for home builders for just that reason.

With Pella’s design tool for doors and windows, you can look at every option available for your next build, all with the click of a button.


Pella understands that their customers have their own individual styles and needs for their homes. This is why we offer material for windows and doors in wood, fiberglass, and vinyl to fit the different needs for varying homeowners. Pella’s design tool starts you on your path of creating the window or door for your home by selecting the material type and type of design structure. Multiple series may have the same material or structure offering, but every series offers different styles and functions of windows or doors along with different price points.

Once in the Design Tool

Once selecting a starting option, the design tool will bring you into an interchangeable menu to style your project. Available options include interior finishes, exterior finishes, grilles, hardware, trim, and glass. The tool also allows you to add a wall color to the backdrop of the window graphic. This should help in visualizing your end product in your home environment.

Interior and Exterior Finishes

Finish options are available with material type (after selecting from wood, fiberglass, and vinyl) and then from either an interior stain or paint color. For instance, after selecting from a wood series, you will have the option of selecting from pre-finished stains, unfinished wood, or pre-finished paints. As for exterior finishes, you may select from swatches of light, medium, and dark colors.



In our previous post for Pella West Michigan, we touched on the various options for adding grilles to your window. Grilles are added to windows less for function and more for design style and the appearance of multiple panes. Select from a set of Pella grille profiles available.


For hardware there will be the option of choosing which lock system you prefer for your window. Pella West Michigan offers a Cam-Action lock and Spoon-Style lock. These two can then be customized from an array of finishes.


Trim Options

Depending on which Pella Series you are working in, different options for trim will be available within the design tool. Select optional trim to add architectural detail inside your home with interior trim design. Exterior trim options are made from Pella’s low-maintenance EnduraClad aluminum that will match your Pella window or door frame.

Glass Options

Glass is arguably the most important selection for your windows. Choosing the glass you install will determine many things about your project, a big factor being cost. Pella’s InsulSheild Low-E glass Collection offers our most innovative choices that will either meet or exceed Energy Star requirements. Other options include impact resistant glass that offers strong protection from flying debris and reduces noise. To help reduce heating and cooling costs, it’s important to choose a glass option that best fits your home climate.

To get started with your home project for windows or entry doors, try Pella’s Design Tool today. See for yourself what your options for your home will be.